Important Information About Your 2020 Women’s Conference Ticket

Due to the COVID19, we’ve made some changes to the “Love Awakens 2020 Women’s Conference” in St. Louis. We understand that this has been a difficult time and want to offer as many OPTIONS as we can.

Faith Church will still be hosting the conference this summer while observing strict social-distancing guidelines.

However, due to those guidelines:We’ve MOVED THE DATES to Friday, July 31st & Saturday, August 1st in St. Louis.

We’re also offering VIRTUAL TICKETS to anyone who’s uncomfortable or unable to physically attend. If you chose this option, you’ll receive a CODE to view the conference ONLINE. (Note: Because of the changes, the conference WILL NOT be available on Daystar this year.)

As you saw in the video, you have several options.

Keep My ticket… I’ll be there! New dates are July 31 & August 1st! This is for anyone who will still be attending. Please fill out the form and mark this choice so we know you’ll be there.

Switch Mine to a Virtual Ticket ($24.99) and Donate the Price Difference. You’ll receive a CODE to view ONLINE and a Party Pack by mail. The difference in price will go to help fund the conference.

Upgrade to a Virtual Party Pack ($99.99). You will receive the CODE to view ONLINE, along with 5 Party Packs by mail. You and 4 friends can have your own VIRTUAL CONFERENCE PARTY! If this option results in payment, we will reach out to you for that.

Transfer My Ticket To Women’s Conference 2021, “Wonder”. We will move your ticket from this year— to NEXT YEAR’S conference. You can still purchase a virtual ticket for this year, if you’d like to secure your ticket for next year!

Donate My Full Ticket. If you’re unable to physically or virtually attend, you can donate your ticket to help fund the conference.

Switch Me to a Virtual Ticket ($24.99) and Refund the Price Difference. You will receive the CODE to view ONLINE and a party pack by mail. The difference in price will be refunded to the card you used to purchase your ticket. If you paid by cash, we will reach out to you regarding refunding the difference.

Refund My Ticket. We will refund your full ticket price.DONATIONS - Faith Church is one of the few churches that will be hosting a Women’s Event like this, this year. We’re stepping out in faith and believing God to still be able to meet our conference budget. Your DONATION of any previously purchased tickets would be a tremendous help!

Please click “next” to make your selection.

If you have any questions or issues, please feel free to call Brushfire Call Center at 1-866-830-5067 8am-5pm CST Monday-Friday.